Professional investors

Professional investors

We’re skilled at identifying unique investments – which are typically unregulated collective investment schemes (and is the reason we can only supply this service to professional clients such as bankers or brokers).

So if you’re worried about current market volatility and structural problems in the global economy, we can help you find assets with uncorrelated returns.

While a number of our professional clients already have long only equity and fixed interest positions that they manage themselves, we suggest investments that diversify portfolios and achieve non-correlation to the main asset classes – helping with stability should global events change.

A number of these – including venture capital trusts, enterprise investment schemes and business premises renovation allowances – have tax benefits but we’ll only suggest those with statutory tax relief and assess each opportunity in detail.

With our extensive experience, we understand the needs of professional clients. We know what you’re looking for and believe we can add value whatever your situation.

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